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January 2006-May 2006

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27th April

Green MEP Backs 10th Real Nappy Week

27th April

MEP Questions EU Commission Over Thai Lawyer Case

26th April: London's Green MEP

Official Objection To Thames Gateway Bridge

25th April

Third Age Foundation And Green MEP Combat Ageism In UK

24th April

'Learn From Mistakes Of Chernobyl And End Nuclear' Demand Euro MP

7th April

Euro MP Celebrates International Day Against Homophobia

29th March

Green MEP Warns Rape Must Be High Risk Crime

28th March

IPCC Ruling Welcomed By Green MEP

27th March

London's Green MEP Joins Global Women To Make Poverty History

22nd March

Commission Hands Businesses 'Carte Blanche'

22nd March

UK Green MEP Warns Of Dangers On LGBT Iranians

22nd March

London's Green MEP Supports Campaign Against Thames Gateway Bridge

20th March

Green MEP Warns Against Asylum Voucher System

17th March

Euro MP Questions NHS Capacity Under Long Working Hours

16th March

Jean's Stagiaire Elaine Mahon goes to Belarus as an election observer

16th March

London's Green MEP Fears Depth Of CIA 'Extraordinary Rendition' Flights

14th March

Green MEP Warns Against Asylum Tagging System

10th March

London's Green MEP RESETs Lewisham's Next Generation

6th March

Green MEP Calls On UK Government To Dig Deeper Into CIA Flights

3rd March

London's Green MEP Brings Green Inspiration To Walthamstow

2nd March

Green Euro MP: 'Lift Moscow Gay Pride Ban Immediately'

1st March

London's Green MEP Launches Back To Earth

1st March

Green MEP Calls For Free, Fair And Funded Education

23rd February

Green MEP Calls To End The Opt-out And Opt-in To A Healthier Workforce

20th February

Jean Lambert MEP Launches European Year of Workers Mobility

13-16 February

Services Directive

13th February

London's Green MEP Brings Green Inspiration To Newham

6th February

Green Euro MP Rights Of Iraqi Women Must Be Defended

29th January

Chinese New Year Wishes From Green Euro MP

27th January

Green MEP Urges Europe To Learn From History's Mistakes On Holocaust Memorial Day

23rd January

Green MEP: Cut Numbers of Incapacity Benefits By Addressing Stress At Work

23rd January

Green Euro MP Joins London In Tsunami Remembrance


CIA Inquiry Committee

16th January

Green MEP Urges EU To Re-Assert Commitment To Anti Discrimination

16th January

Green Euro MP Welcomes New Hope For Moon Bears

5th January

Green MEP Urges UK Government To Protect Victims Of Trafficking

5th January

Jean Warns Long Hours May Cost London's Workforce Its Health


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