July 2004 - December 2004

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28 December 2004

Tsunami - the aftermath


15 December 2004

European Parliament Endorses Green MEP's Call for Dignity for Refugees


15 December 2004

Turkey - Scandal of European Parliament's Secret Ballot


14 December 2004

The day before the vote on her Report in Parliament Jean held a Hearing so that MEPs could listen to positions from UNHCR, Medecins Sans Frontiers and the ECRE.


23 November 2004

Civil Liberties Slashed in the Name of Terror - But How Will Our Public Services Cope?


18 November 2004

No Green Could Vote for this Commission


27 October 2004

Withdrawn Proposal Victory for Green MEPs


26 October 2004

Barroso Throws Parliament Scraps but Ignores Real Issue


14 October 2004

Private GPs for Out of Hours Service


14 October 2004

Anti-War Protestors Challenge Police in Coach-Napping Case


11 and 12 October 2004

The Week of the European Social Forum - Energy and Health


01 October 2004

Law Lords Decide Fate of "Britain's Guantanamo"


23 September 2004


EU Trade Ministers have dropped a controversial bill which would have allowed software to be patented from a Competitiveness Council agenda tomorrow. MEPs welcomed the decision, which they say represents a last-minute 'stay of execution' for the IT industry.


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22 September 2004

BRITAIN is set to remain Europe’s sweatshop after the European Commission agreed the UK could continue to opt-out of the Working Time Directive, a London Euro-MP has warned.


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22 September 2004

MEPs 'deep concern' at French headscarf ban


21 September 2004

Londoners prepare to abandon cars for a day 'but one day not enough', says Euro-MP


16 September 2004

MEPs back Greens on taxing aircraft fuel


16 September 2004

Greens nominate Chechen human rights activist Natalya Estemirova for peace prize


15 September 2004

New report published on work-life balance - MEP asks what does "flexible working" really mean in Britain?


14 September 2004

Greens say no to animal testing under Chemicals Directive


9 September 2004

Freedom of movement a 'myth' for new EU citizens


7 September 2004

UK faces prosecution over illegal nukes dump


7 September 2004

Erith Marshes Southmere Green sold off in bid for EU cash


4 August 2004

Freedom of Movement Hotline established


3 August 2004

Green Euro-MPs risk arrest after pledging to non-violent direct action to halt construction of nuclear testing facility


16 July 2004

Euro-MP warns of continuing miscarriage of justice - Turkey told to drop charges of 'speaking Kurdish' against MP


13 July 2004

Euro-MP condemns Italian arrest of aid workers and 37 refugees


8 July 2004

Euro-MP - the writing is on the wall


7 July 2004

Greens incite food revolution in Barking and Dagenham


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