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January 2005 - June 2005

20 - 26th June

Refugee Week

15th June

Jean Backs Animals Asia Foundation - Help Save Moon Bears from a Lifetime of Torture

6 April

Jean Supports McCartney Family Search for Justice

22 - 30 March

Jean Lambert visits Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the aftermath of the Tsunami to discuss EU relations with the area.


Delegation Information


17 March

Invited by Jean - leading U.S. Anti-Nuclear Activist, Greg Mello, delivered an expert Seminar to Members of the European Parliament

8 March 2005

Jean Lambert is the Green Party co-author of the European Parliament resolution on the Non-Proliferation Treaty 2005 Review Conference.

8 March 2005

The current text of the software patents directive must not become law. The Greens will work to assemble as large a lobby as possible to ensure that the current proposal doesn't get through Parliament's second reading in its present form.

8 March 2005

"On International Woman's Day we have to be sure that all of the nice things we say today are remembered and put into action throughout the year. We need to see movement on the Equal Pay Directive. It seems astonishing that even after decades of legislation, there is still a huge pay gap in the UK." Jean Lambert


International Woman's Day statement

6 March 2005

Jean urged you to sign up and "Save Our Social Europe"

26 February 2005

Jean backed the TUC, CWU and SERTUC sponsored conference urging us to unite against fascism.

24 February:

Work Your Proper Hours!

23 February

Jean Signs the Written Declaration on the Hijab

23 February 2005

At the meeting of Home Secretaries in Brussels on 24 Feb 2005 at the joint Home Affairs Council, the Directive on Anti-racism and Xenophobia was discussed. In Parliament at that time, the issue of the swastika was high on the agenda.


10 February 2005:

Jean Lambert joins the fight against phone masts.

7 February 2005:

What good will the Olympic Games do East Londoners?

27 January 2005:

Remembering the Holocaust - A time to find answers to new forms of racism.

25 January 2005:

Letter to Guardian - Jean's response to Tory asylum policy.

4 January 2005:


15 December 2005:

Turkey - Scandal of European Parliament's Secret Ballot.

15 December 2004

Jean's Asylum report is adopted!


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