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May - August 2003

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29th August 2003

New report slams Governments record on human trafficking

Jean Lambert MEP and Jenny Jones, Green Deputy Mayor for London, have published a series of recommendations to Government on how to combat trafficking in women and children for sexual purposes


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26th August 2003

Jean Lambert raises challenge to European Commission over the illegal timber trade


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Read Friends of the Earth Campaign

20th August 2003

Threat to Royal Mail's Universal Service

The future of universal mail delivery is under threat by a Government Regulator consultation. Postcomm, the Government's regulator for Postal Services is planning to open Royal Mail's most profitable mail delivery service to private competition. Royal Mail claim that the terms being offered to private companies will disable them from being able to sustain a universal service.


Read Jean's response to Postcomm's consultation

18th August 2003

Legal loophole threatens future of printer cartridge recycling industry

MILLIONS of printer cartridges currently being recycled could end up in London's landfill sites - thanks to a loophole in EU rules designed to encourage MORE recycling of electronic waste, the capital's Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert has warned.


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26th August 2003

Challenge to Commission over the illegal timber trade

Jean calls on European Commission to propose legislation to make it illegal to import illegally logged timber into the EU and to impose stricter penalties for those who trade in illegally logged timber and timber products.

Read about the Friends of the Earth Campaign


Read about Commission's Action Plan for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)
to combat illegal logging and the related trade in illegally harvested timber.

Read Jean's Question to the Commission


25th July 2003

East London Out Project (ELOP) and Newham Anti-Homophobic Partnership (NAHP)

Jean was invited to join a pre-pride night at Stratford Circus Theatre to launch the NAHP and its campaign to highlight homophobic discrimination and crime within the London Borough of Newham. Jean spoke about her stance on homophobia and recent changes in EU and UK legislation.

Read Jean's speech


25th July 2003

Jean helps secure reprieve for Maylands Field Green Belt


21st July - 25th July 2003

Jean's week of visits: "JOBS FROM RECYCLING"

London’s Green MEP, Jean Lambert, will be visiting community recycling projects in the capital this week to recognise the efforts of local organisations in reducing waste and to develop a better understanding of waste issues facing London’s communities.


17th July 2003

Jean Lambert supports London's RESPECT anti-racism festival


11th July 2003

Jean supports Lewisham People's Day


11th July 2003

Jean joins campaingers delivering 4000 protest letters to Government over Baku oil pipeline

LONDON'S Green MEP Jean Lambert will hand a symbolic pipeline covered in thousands of letters objecting to a proposed oil link spanning Turkey to officials at the Department for International Development on Monday (July 14).


10th July 2003

Jean joins cluster bomb demo outside Westminster

LONDON'S Green Party Euro-MP Jean Lambert will join hundreds of demonstrators unleashing an attack of paper 'cluster bombs' on the capital tomorrow (Friday, July 11th) outside the Houses of Parliament.


4th July 2003

Baku- Ceyhan Oil Pipeline casts new doubts on Turkey's entry to EU

The European Commission admitted this week that any negative effects of the pipeline - or the agreement on new laws and security - would have a direct bearing on Turkey's goal of joining the EU.


30th June 2003

London Green's slam Government plans for planned aviation expansion.

"This consultation just doesn't make sense: on the one hand it states its aim as ensuring the long-term development of aviation is sustainable, one the other it advocates following the now discredited predict-and-provide model long abandoned as a rationale for road-building," said Mrs Lambert.

Download the London Greens' full consultation response

Download background briefing on the economic downside of the aviation industry

Press release: MPs threaten Northolt airport betrayal

The Government's proposals for airport expansion can be found at


27th June 2003


Jean is to launch her new report "Integrating Social Inclusion, Employment And The Environment: Exploring The Potential For Joined-Up Thinking" at South Bank University.

The report is co-authored by Maria Adebowale - Director of Capacity Global.

"Strategies for improving the environment and tackling social exclusion rely heavily on training - but that training will fail to produce sustainable results unless it places environmental issues at its core," said Jean Lambert.

Download report from 27th June

Download press release


24th June 2003

Employment loophole on religious homophobia must be closed

Jean asks European Commission to review whether the UK's interpretation of equal opportunities in employment with regard to sexual orientation is acceptable.

Press release

Read answer from the European Commission


23th June 2003


Jean invites award-winning social commentator and journalist Polly Toynbee to speak to MEPs in Brussels about the reality of Temporary Agency Work. She told the meeting 'flexibility' was used an excuse for holding down pay and denying labour rights.

Press release


19th June 2003

Jean joins vigil outside Home Office to mark International Refugee Day


17th June 2003


Jean Lambert co-hosted a landmark conference with Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones (recently appointed deputy mayor) to discuss the growing and urgent problem of the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation.

Press Release

Read about the conference


17th June 2003

Thousands enjoy Camden Green Fair's "showcase of the possible".

Jean joins Camden Green Party and Noel Lynch - Green Party Member of the London Assembly - at Camden Green Fair

Press release


11th June 2003

Jean spends a sunny day at Planet Havering.


9th June

EU cross-border discussions on asylum policy

Jean calls for a halt on the deporatation of asylum seekers after EU talks on asylum policy break down.

Press release


9th June 2003

CAP Reform and Poland

Jean welcomes Poland's Yes vote on joining the EU, but warns that reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is essential. Without it, Polish farmers will be decimated by the new market forces.

Press release


3rd June 2003

Greens oppose Bexley incinerator

GREENS at the European Parliament and London Assembly have joined forces to fight a proposed waste incinerator at Belvedere that threatens to undermine London's efforts to recycle more and throw away less.

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Read the Green Objection


29 May 2003

Campaign to save local post office

HANGES to the way Government pays benefits - and the EU drive to liberalise postal services - have already begun to wreak havoc on local communities, says Jean. Her comments came as she added her voice to a growing local campaign fighting the closure of the Park Road sub-Post Office in Haringey.


21 May 2003

University of East London warned over closure of Barking campus

Closing its Barking campus could force some of UEL's poorest students to drop out over increased transport costs and travel times, Jean has warned. Her comments came after it was reported UEL is planning to relocate its Barking campus to Docklands and Stratford to make way for a new housing development in Longbridge Road.


15 May 2003

RoadPeace Rally

Jean will join protestors in France, Spain and the UK in observing a one-minute silence in memory of the 50,000 people killed and 3.5 million injured on Europe's roads each year.


14 May 2003

Jean and Euro-MPs back "polluter must pay" principle in Environment Liability Directive

Environmental protection entered a new phase today when Euro-MPs backed calls to ensure the public won't have to foot the bill for environmental disasters. The decision, which could save the taxpayer and local authorities millions, means business could be forced to insure against the full cost of environmental damage, including marine pollution or nuclear accidents, resulting from their activities.


13 May 2003

Stop the War - where to next for Iraq

THE UK and US must hand control of post-war Iraq to the UN or risk plunging the world into instability and conflict, London Euro-MP JeanLambert will warn Islington Anti-War campaigners on Friday (May 16, 2003).


9 May 2003

Ban on trade in cat and dog fur

BRITAIN must introduce an immediate ban on the cruel trade in cat and dog fur, Green MEPs Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert have demanded. Cats and dogs are suffering appalling cruelty to satisfy the European market for cheap fur, most of which is sold to consumers who haven't the faintest idea what they are buying.


8 May 2003

Public will shun valueless EU if constitution not enshrine equality

PUBLIC support for the EU will collapse if its proposed new constitution omits key values on social equality and environmental protection, London Green MEP Jean Lambert has warned.


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