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Movement of Peoples (non-EU)
Human Rights, Democracy & Civil Liberties

Ilisu Dam and Export Credit Agencies
Asylum and Immigration
Human Rights, Peace and Disarmament
Environment & Sustainaibility
Animal Welfare
Peace, Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament


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DTI Postgraduate Employment Research Scholarship scheme

Current Affairs databases
International elections information



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Green Links

Green Party of England and Wales

Scottish Green Party

Caroline Lucas MEP

Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament

European Federation of Green Parties

Green Movement
Information and news about Green Parties around the world

General EU Info

European Information Network in the UK
A gateway to Europe Information for the UK regions, including contacts, news, links…

A Europe wide network providing information on EU funding and mobility opportunities for young people and those who work with them.


EU Institutions

Main EU Website
The homepage of the EU, acting as a gateway to the sites of all the EU institutions, news, information on the history and functioning of the EU, links to official documents and press agencies…

European Parliament
The Parliament's homepage - from here you can get to the homepages of the political groups, news from the Parliament, information about MEPs…

European Parliament UK Offices

Fact sheets on the European Parliament

European Commission

European Commission's UK representation
A very useful source of information about all aspects of the EU, including news, how to get funding, policy briefs, discussions about the future of Europe, jobs in the EU…

European Commission website called "Your voice in Europe"
Shows citizens, consumers and businesses how they can be actively involved in the Commission's policy-making process. This is part of the Commission's Interactive Policymaking Initiative.

European Court of Justice

Council of the European Union

Local Government International Bureau (LGIB)



EU News

EU Observer
Easy-to-read online newspaper covering EU affairs. Includes links to national newspaper articles

Agence Europe
Daily, detailed news of developments in all policy areas

European Parliament Press Service
- click on 'publications' for extra news
The latest news from Parliament

European Commission Press Service
Press Releases and more

European Voice
Weekly Brussels newspaper covering EU events (and gossip!) It also contains job adverts.


European Legislation
& Policy summaries

EU Legislative Observatory - search for EU legislation by key word

Summaries and legislative follow-up to European Union Policies


How to get EU Funding

EU Commission Guide

ECAS Funding Guide
ECAS' funding guides are designed to help the non-profit sector - local trade unions, NGOs, SMEs or even individuals…

The European Commission Representation in the UK
This guide gives an overview of EU funding programmes, references to legislation and contact names in the UK and Brussels for further information.

A Europe wide network providing information on EU funding and mobility opportunities for young people and those who work with them.

Further Information on EU Funding


UK Government Contacts

Addresses for Ministers and Government Departments

Main UK Government website

Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Department for Work and Pensions

UK Government website for sustainability


Current Affairs Databases

Guardian Unlimited
One of the most extensive databases of articles and links on everything you can think of!

BBC Online
Another good source of information about all sorts of issues


Advice and Guidance for Citizens

European Citizens Action Service (ECAS)
ECAS is a non-governmental organisation providing services to EU citizens, including funding guidance for NGOs and civil society, freedom of movement and citizens' rights, and transparency and access to documents


Democracy and Civil Liberties

News and database covering issues of the state, civil liberties and openness. Statewatch's work covers, for example, freedom of information, security and intelligence, the law and the European courts, etc


Ilisu Dam and Export Credit Reform

Friends of the Earth
FoE briefing on the role of Export Credit Agencies in realising infrastructure projects outside the UK. Briefing also includes recommendations on reforming the ECA system, in order to promote and sustain an ethical UK foreign policy.

Ilisu Dam Campaign
UK-based organisation promoting a wide-ranging view on the construction of the Ilisu Dam in Turkey, including displacement of populations and environmental impact. Also highlights the role of the UK government in financially supporting companies in the realisation of this project

Turkish Embassy
Official comments from the Turkish Embassy in London on the overall project of which the Ilisu dam is a component part, and the potential benefits the (Southeastern Anatolia) project will bring, both regionally and nationally

International Rivers Network
Response to the Ilisu Dam project in Turkey and also to other dam projects around the world. Addresses alternative dam-construction methods, which would be more likely to assimilate into particular river patterns and local environmental characteristics, with less disturbance to local natural processes and habitats



Kurdish Academic Network
UK-based organisation of academics, giving background information of Kurdish struggles, past and present, and promoting education at all levels for Kurds in Iraq. Includes links to Kurdish universities

Kurdish Library
Site supported by the Swedish government and the City of Stockholm, giving access to Kurdish literature (with translations) and recent worldwide Kurdish news


Asylum and Immigration

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
The UNHCR website provides detailed country by country information on the situation of refugees and asylum seekers throughout the world. It also contains news, statistics, in-depth reports on relevant issues and information on UNHCR programmes

European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE)
Resource covering everything to do with refugees and asylum-seekers in 28 countries in Europe, including legal aspects, links to member organisations, policy…

Refugee Net
A resource related to the integration of refugees in Europe, this is a useful database of information on themes such as education, employment, vocational training, health, housing and community integration

UK Home Office
UK government website, detailing government policy on dealing with asylum and immigration, and including updates on recent concerns brought forward by members of the public and organisations. Links to government White Papers

Official Amnesty International response to the UK government White Paper on Asylum and Immigration. An in-depth report, dealing with procedural measures concerning asylum and immigration


Human Rights

Amnesty International
A mine of information about human rights throughout the world. News and reports on issues including the death penalty, women's rights, the right to a fair trial, torture..

National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights
Information and campaign on the situation of the Dalit (untouchable) caste in India - 260 million people denied basic human rights

Dalit Solidarity Network-UK


Peace and Disarmament

International Alert
Organisation promoting non-violent resolution of conflict and addressing some catalysts of violent conflict- such as arms trading- and human rights violations (individual and collective) subsequent to violent conflict



Campaign Against Racism and Facism
Independent UK organisation providing information and support on race issues



Greenpeace campaigns on current issues affecting the environment on all scales. Offering campaign advice and access to research articles on alternative development possibilties. It also campaigns for world peace.

National Trust Environment & Conservation
UK National Trust website for the conservation of places of historic interest or natural beauty. Also information on current environment issues, such as agriculture in Britain and sustainable development. Details and reports on current and past projects


Animal Welfare

Compassion in World Farming
Organisation campaigning to end intensive and inhumane farming practices. Providing information on alternative farming methods and the damage/risk of present methods

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Campaigns for exactly this. Extends to agricultural sector, domestic animals and wild animals. Reports and information available



Enlargement DG of the European Commission

European Commission London Office provides an easily-disgestible summary of the situation

European Parliament provides lots of excellent links



Current Favourites

Boycott ESSO
'Friends of the Earth' campaign to boycott ESSO products, following the ESSO-supported rejection of the Kyoto Treaty by the United States government


Elections Information
Parliamentary election results from around the world
Internet election resources. Mainly links to national/regional election results sites.
Election dates, results and information from around the world.