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Peace, Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament

17 March 2005: Invited by Jean - leading U.S. Anti-Nuclear Activist, Greg Mello, delivered an expert Seminar to Members of the European Parliament. Click Here for Further Information about the Visit

8 March 2005: Jean Lambert is the Green Party co-author of the European Parliament resolution on the Non-Proliferation Treaty 2005 Review Conference. Read the Resolution Here

STOP THE WAR!!! - action against the war in Iraq

Hiroshima & Nagasaki anti-nuclear conference

In August 2001, Jean was in Japan in order to take part in the World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs. The annual conference took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and coincided with the anniversaries of the disastrous bombs. This year's theme was "Nuclear weapons states must make good on their promise to abolish nuclear weapons: International cooperation and solidarity will ensure the future of the world". Read Jean's two speeches

Nuclear Submarine 'Tireless'

Jean was involved with Spanish members of the Green/EFA Group and others in the controversy over whether the British government should be allowed to repair its nuclear submarine the 'Tireless' in the Bay of Gibraltar.

This involved a visit to the base in Gibraltar and a number of media interviews as well as a debate in the Parliament itself.

Read Jean's speech to Parliament

Common Foreign and Security Policy

Jean has frequently raised the question as to whether the EU has adequate mechanisms in place to deal with the flow of information from, and consequences of, having nuclear weapons available to member states under the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Our current regulations only deal with civil risk.

Other Speeches & Articles

From the front line: Star Wars & Globalisation - Speech at the International Conference on Missile Defence, Globalisation and the Militarisation of Space October 2002

Jean spoke at a conference organised by Yorkshire CND, in Sheffield, on missile defence, militarization of space and the broader economic and military strategies of the West from a European perspective. Jean looked at moves within Europe to dominate militarily and economically, at the expense of the environment, peace and the poor.

How governments should react in times of conflict - speech to the 'Conscience' AGM October 2001

Statement on UK Arms Fair March 2001

'Peace for the Future' article November 1999


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